Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthdays and Babies!

Hey friends...feels like it's been 4EVER since I have been on here. My computer wasn't working and on top of that it has been a crazy couple months. Hope this post finds you all happy and healthy!
So lets see, let me give you a list of what has happened since my last post. I think I posted about Sean's bday in late February. March to now I guess has been skipped...

  • Cooper turned 3. We went to Chuck E.Cheese as a family on his actual bday. Had his party with friends at the Hoppin' Hippo, a "jump jump" Such a big boy now!
  • I turned 30. My mom and sister took me to dinner and a movie in The Domain. Had a great time. My hubby and boys spoiled me with gifts and loved on me :)
  • My mom turned 50! yowza! :)
  • Easter. Fun filled day of brunch, church and barbecued that evening. With my boys and mom all day!
  • Mother's Day :) Breakfast in bed, and spend the day @ Zilker Park. Barton Springs pool, picnic, and train ride! So much fun.
  • We found a house that we love in old town Georgetown and can not wait to move in! June 28th!!
  • Oh, how can I forget...we found out we were pregnant! :)
I'm sure I've missed something in there..Spring is a busy time of year! This weekend coming is our 5th wedding anniversary. 7 years together.. Looking forward to spending the day with my love.

I have been prego since mid February, so I have been pretty emotional through Spring thus far. For the obvious of reasons of hormones, and all the emotion that comes for me of just being pregnant. With a history of 4 miscarriages, I know that anything can happen. But every time I get pregnant I always have hope and pray for the best. It's a very difficult experience to go through, and God continues to bless me with friends who reach out and support me to keep faith. I can not tell you how it warms my heart to have friends who are excited for me and who support me. This go round one person in particular, who has been such a sweet, selfless friend. Even though she had just experienced a miscarriage herself, and was wanting so badly to be pregnant, found time to call/text/email to encourage and be happy for me! Amazing. I have been were she was and know how hard it is to hear friends becoming pregnant when you desire to be/or just had a miscarriage. To put those feelings aside and be happy for your friend is a beautiful gift! And what is even more beautiful is she is now pregnant again!! So happy for her. God loves to bless those who bless others. 

Anyway...I'm happy to be blogging again and sharing life with y'all! When the boys wake up we are going over to the new house having a picnic in the backyard, and taking some measurements inside. :) I think the boys are just as excited as we are! People aren't always going to understand our decision making when it comes to jobs, houses, or family decisions, and that's ok. It's not for everyone else to understand or except. What's important is that you continue to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and how he is trying to help guide your footsteps for your life, and your family. The decision to stay in Georgetown and get a larger home is something our family is SO excited about, and I know that I know, it is where we are suppose to be. 



  1. Erin, this post made me cry! I love how you write your true feelings so flawlessly! You are a true inspiration to mothers, sisters, daughters, friends everywhere! Everyone you touch and know is blessed my friend! PRAYERS PRAYERS PRAYERS for that sweet baby growing inside of you!!! I will be thinking PINK but if it's another boy you will still get to be the QUEEN of the house :)!! I can't wait to see the house and actually get to see you and the boys this summer when I am finally done with work-13 more days-let the count down begin! so glad you are back blogging! I will post tonight! xoxoxo much love!!!

  2. Thank you Natalie, you are such a sweet soul and an encourager for sure! Thank you for your friendship, love you so much! I LOvE reading your blogs, so much life and fun in your house!
    Can NOT wait for you guys to come visit and let the boys play!! And give you a big hug! :)

  3. Erin, so many wonderful blessings in your life! Praying for this to be "the one" and sending PINK vibes! Glad to have met you and your sweet boys :)

  4. Thank you Teri! Even in the storms I honestly do feel very blessed. I appreciate your sweet words! So glad Missy told us about you :) We will know pink or blue soon! Eek! :) XO